Tennessee Association of Property Tax Professionals

The purpose of the Tennessee Association of Property Tax Professionals is to promote more efficient collection of property taxes throughout all of the counties and municipalities of the State of Tennessee. Our membership includes delinquent property tax attorneys, county trustees, municipal revenue officers, state officials, county clerks, clerk & masters, property assessors, and staff working with these persons and officers.

Who We Are: The Tennessee Association of Property Tax Professionals is a statewide organization made up of attorneys, officials, and employees who work throughout the delinquent tax chain from assessment to sale.

What We Do: The primary goal of TAPTP is to enable its members to share information and improve the daily work of members. TAPTP works primarily through a committee system. Those committees are Bankruptcy, Membership/Media, Legislative, and Personal/Real Property. In addition, TAPTP actively participates in promoting legislation which improves property tax collections and tax sales. To date, TAPTP has successfully passed several omnibus tax bills in the Tennessee Legislature.

Why Join: Every county and many municipalities in Tennessee collect property taxes and conduct tax sales. While other organizations represent parts of the delinquent tax chain, TAPTP is the only organization to represent and unify the efforts of the whole chain. TAPTP exists as a critical resource for its members and as a unified voice in the areas of property tax collection and tax sales.

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